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Want a beautiful outdoor space where you can relax while making your neighbors envious? At Diversified Services Lawn & Garden, we have the flowers, trees, shrubs, vines and decorative items you need. 

Whether you're planting a vegetable garden or landscaping your house, Diversified Services Lawn & Garden can help you create the yard of your dreams.

Add a touch of soothing blue with this blue hydrangea to your semi-shade areas.


We feature a wide range of shrubbery that will serve as the perfect compliment to your home, garden, patio or detached building.  Whether you need an evergreen shrub, a yearly deciduous or you want a flowering shrub to provide beautiful blooms in addition to the shade and protection that a shrub can offer, our staff can provide detailed suggestions that will give you the exact look you want.

Use this perennial vine or any of the many varieties of Clematis to add blooming color to any fence or trellis.

Flowers & Plants

March winds and April showers might bring forth May flowers, but don't count on Mother Nature to make your garden beautiful. Create your own flowering paradise with the annual and perennial flowers from Diversified Services Lawn & Garden. Visit our greenhouse and take home your own selection of amazing flowers.

Add a touch of soothing blue with this blue hydrangea to your semi-shade areas.


At Diversified Services Lawn & Garden, we have a large selection of shade and fruit trees perfect for El Dorado, AR and the surrounding areas. Whether you want a perfect landscaping accent or something to provide shade, we have a hand-picked selection of evergreen trees, yearly deciduous trees and even flower-bearing trees that will lend beauty to any space.


Roses bring instant beauty to landscaping and flower gardens. Our experts can provide guidance on the best varieties to use. Some roses can be very aggressive, requiring lots of maintenance so that they don't overgrow your other plants. Other varieties may not grow to be as tall as you want. Avoid mistakes by coming in and letting us help you find the perfect rose plant for you. They make great gifts too!

Fruits & Vegetables


Fruit Trees

Growing your own fruit is a tasty endeavor, but not all fruit trees do well in our area. We have researched and hand-selected the varieties of fruit trees to ensure that your home orchard or grove is exactly what you have in mind.

Garden Vegetables

Growing a garden can be very rewarding and fulfilling--literally. Growing your own food is truly a reward in itself. Let us help you plant and harvest your best crop yet. We have the know-how to help you in each step of your gardening journey, from the gardening novice to the home-greenhouse expert.


Fresh herbs can bring out the chef in all of us. Let us help you plan your own herb garden and reap the reward of delicious food. We will expect you to share your best recipes!